Nikola Tesla - Power Tower
Free Energy for Spaceship Earth
Energy for the 21st Century and Beyond

Cells of a silicon-like substance on the outside of the tower will collect the sun's electromagnetic energy force, a very high—frequency energy of the fourth dimension. Similar in operation to a LASER stood vertically on end, the collected energies will be stepped up in frequency with the aid of crystal lens and provide a limitless source of power.

Smaller towers will collect the energy beams projected from the top most lens of the Power Tower and step-down the energies so that they can be received by receptor devices in buildings and homes, eliminating the need for transmission lines. All the power needed for the planet Earth will be supplied at a fraction of the present-day costs with no harm to the environment.

In the future the Power Tower will provide a means for interplanetary communication as well as interplanetary space travel. Spacecraft will travel in huge, hollow energy beams projected from the tower.