Nikola Tesla - the Tesla Coil
Energy for the 21st Century and Beyond

Nikola Tesla, in his investigation into high-frequency electricity phenomena, needed a way to go beyond the limitations of the iron-coil transformer to generate higher frequency radio waves. His inspiration lead him to invent a special transformer, without the iron-core, which allowed the secondary coil to be free to oscillate or "electrically vibrate" into higher and higher frequencies. The infamous Tesla Coil (invented 1891) is an air-core resonating transformer became the forerunner of the radio-frequency coil and allowed the "Radio Age" to take one of it's first formative steps.

Tesla coils as spark radio transmitters have been phased out since the late 1950's, but have been miniaturized and today, form the heart of every television, radio and VCR.

You can think of the coil as a string on a musical instrument. If you pluck the string then it will vibrate with a certain frequency, which is based on the length of the string. This is a "resonant frequency". After all, isn't music is based on the science of vibrations?

Now a basic principle of electrical engineering is that the ground is an electrical sinkhole, where energy returns to. But what would happen if the ground was suddenly reversed and became a source of energy? When electricity is "sunk" into the ground it travels much like a ripple in a pool of water, traveling through the earth and bouncing back to the point of origin. By correctly timing the discharge of electricity from a Tesla coil, you can continue amplifying your electric ripple until it builds up to great strength. (1)

"Electric current, after passing into the earth travels to the diametrically opposite region of the same and rebounding from there, returns to its point of departure with virtually undiminished force. The outgoing and returning currents clash and form nodes and loops similar to those observable on a vibrating cord. To traverse the entire distance of about twenty-five thousand miles, equal to the circumference of the globe, the current requires a certain time interval, which I have approximately ascertained. In yielding this knowledge, nature has revealed one of its most precious secrets, of inestimable consequence to man. So astounding are the facts in this connection, that it would seem as though the Creator, himself, had electrically designed this planet just for the purpose of enabling us to achieve wonders which, before my discovery, could not have been conceived by the wildest imagination." -- Nikola Tesla

To Tesla, earth or ground was a better conductor of electrical energy than was the air or atmosphere! He was a brilliant pioneer investigating new avenues of mechanical and electrical resonances and introducing new ways to use electrical energy. He always seemed to have an intuitive connection to the futurethinking of new and better ways to move planet Earth into an advanced age of electronicscloser and closer to peaceful way of living!

In 1899, Tesla traveled to Colorado Springs, Colorado to further his investigation into "wireless energy" and allowing it to be broadcast to other parts of the globe. New discoveries of electricity were uncovered and rested from nature; new principles of energy were being formulated. Here, in the open and sparely populated prairie, he built a huge Tesla coilcapable of sending out millions of volts of electricity. Using this magnifying transmitter to transmit power through the ground, using his non-Hertzian waves, Tesla was able to light up incandescent lamps twenty-six miles from his laboratory WITHOUT ANY WIRES!

A new future was being born! Tesla now turned towards the twentieth century and beyond with new, exciting energy technologiesnew ways of energizing a brave new world. His desired was to transmit electrical power throughout the earth so that electrical machinery could be run anywhere without batteries just by tuning into the right frequency with the right equipment.

Today, there are various descriptions of the theory and design of the Tesla Coilsome more closely aligned to the source of Tesla's inspiration than others. Although the Tesla Coil is not capable generating any power nor is it capable of alleviating us from any energy crisis, but it demonstrates a principle of energyvital to our New Age physics. A frequency of alternating energy, when stepped up to a higher frequency can perform in here-to-fore unknown ways and manners. It can even open a new Cosmic Window or higher dimensions, involving higher frequency domains, above that of the 3rd dimension and into the 4th, 5th, 6th etc.

Could it be that other, more evolved planets in our galaxy, already use this technology? Could it be that previous civilizations like Atlantis had used this Tesla technology?

(1) abstracted from article: "Taking over the world with a Tesla coil"