Nikola Tesla - Ultra High-Frequency Currents

The science of high-frequency electronics ushered in by Nikola Tesla, in the early 1900's is just a beginning for us to realize the incredible potential awaiting our further investigations of ultra high-frequency electronicsfinding thousands of uses in industry and agriculture. The following are a few of the ways we can use a high-frequency physics to advance our world.

Laser-like power beams would connect houses as well as industrial complexes to a large cosmic generator, replacing archaic and primitive power generating systems, using unsightly wires, poles, transformers, towers, etc. The production of atomic energy would become old fashioned and obsoletea cumbersome, unwieldy and dangerous process of producing energy, which would be laughed at by citizens in the future new age.

The walls and ceilings of our homes would luminescent, replacing our present old fashion lighting systems, which are only a step removed from the candle.

Heating the home and the people inside would be warmed by a certain kind of high-frequency radiation done with oscillators, replacing heaters and furnaces now in use.

The housewife would find no dust in this home; the house would be hermetically sealed against the outside; and air taken in through an electronic purifier would be thoroughly cleansed.

High-frequency generators situated on tall structures or mountains could remove all smog from polluted air of a large citycleansing the air much like natures's thunderstorms. By controlling positive-negative ionization in the upper atmosphere and ionosphere, the weather could be controlled to suit the needs of humankind.

Fresh water in abundance could be easily procured by desalting sea water, at a few cents per thousand gallons, making our present water distribution systems from dams, lakes, and reservoirs obsolete and old fashioned.

Sewage could be reconverted into pure fresh water to be used for irrigation purposes; solid substances extracted from sewage would become fertilizer and other by-products, all made perfectly safe and practical through high-frequency radiation, thus eliminating a great present day problem of sewage disposal. Household trash and garbage as well as sewage could be quickly and easily disposed of, without smoke or odor by disintegrating this waste with high-frequency radiation.

Offensive smoke from cigarettes and other sources would be instantly banished. Cooking a meal would be a heatless, odorless proposition, food being cooked in a few minutes' time, from the inside out, by high-frequency radiationa process now already in use.

(The above list was abstracted from Tempus Procedium - chapter: "The Incredible Laser Beam" by Ernest L. Norman.)