Nikola Tesla - High-Frequency Currents

Nikola Tesla, a scientist of great wisdom and vision, introduced a very important energy concept, high frequency oscillations, to allow our technology to be in harmony with nature and to realize new, undiscovered, limitless resources of energy. With over 700 patents, Tesla is considered to be the father of our modern technological age and one of the greatest scientific minds that has ever lived! The electronics produced by Tesla’s inventive mind transformed the world we now enjoy. Furthermore, Tesla’s mind worked unceasingly to open a new window of high-frequency electronic science that was, beyond a future dependency on fossil fuel technologies. He warned that this dependency would eventually turn on us, like a Frankenstein monster, poisoning and suffocating our planet; he offered the world a pollution-free wireless broadcast of power. Tesla often advised that in order to discover the secrets of nature and the universe we should think in terms of frequency, vibration, and energy.

He said, "Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels."

Tesla was inspired to invent a way of producing high frequency currents in order to investigate the theory that planet Earth consisted of different energy vibrations, and if stimulated with specific frequencies, could be harnessed in different modes to service humanity's growing technological needs. His invention of an air core resonant transformer known today as the Tesla Coil provided him with a means of experimenting with high-frequency oscillations. The concept behind this is: when electricity is "sunk" into the ground it travels much like a ripple in a pool of water, traveling through the earth and bouncing back to the point of origin. By correctly timing the discharge of electricity from Tesla coil, you can continue amplifying your electric ripple until it builds up to great strength. Electrical energy could be easily transmitted to the other side of the earth, or any point so desired.

In an interview that appeared in the New York Herald in 1893, Tesla said: "The plan I have suggested is to disturb by powerful machinery the electricity of the earth, thus setting it in vibration. Proper appliances will be constructed to take up the energy transmitted by these vibrations, transforming them into a suitable form of power to be made available for the practical wants of life."

About 1900, at the turn of the twentieth century, Tesla was designing a "World System," anticipating a method of broadcasting music, speech, pictures, newspapers, and ship navigation signals to all parts of the globe. Our society would become interconnected, thus advancing humanity's need to become more unified and live together in more peaceful and progressive ways. In addition, he claimed that it would provide personal telephone communications between parties, regardless of distance, with an incredible device small enough to be carried in one's pocketa full century before anybody had ever heard of the Internet or cellular phones.