Nikola Tesla - Cosmic Visionary II

Nikola Tesla, was the father of our modern technological age and one of the greatest scientific minds that ever lived. Although he was trained as an electrical engineer, Tesla was truly a cosmic visionary, a philosopher, and a poet, who provided the necessary libido and drive of a higher consciousness to begin the technological revolution of the 19th and 20th centuries, which led to the development of power generators, radar, radio television, transportation, etc.

The inventions of Nikola Tesla have been responsible for the creation and development of new institutions, opening up a new window of the cosmos to extend the knowledge of humanity's past, present and future. Through Tesla's invention of the AC generating system, he brought light to planet Earth, and he demonstrated the wireless broadcast of power and its future useage. But more than that, Nikola Tesla will be known as the Elder Brother who raised the consciousness of our planet, so that humanity could begin to understand its interdimensional and spiritual design.

The New Age of Logic and Reason could not have been initiated without the immense contributions of Nikola Tesla's genius. He will be known for the birthing of the New Age of Spiritual Renaissance on Earth! Nikola Tesla ... we salute you!