Nikola Tesla - Atlantis Technology II

The typical “Tower of Babel” story in the Old Testament was derived from this legend, i.e., the ancient tribes people believed the Lemurians were building a tower to heaven, etc.

The net total oscillations of energy generated in the cells on the outside surface of the pyramid were converted into usable high-frequency energies. Then this high frequency laser-like energy was beamed into the nearby homes and other buildings of the Atlantean cities, eliminating the need for wires, transformers, poles, etc.

It is easily understandable that in these ancient times, in either Lemuria or Atlantis, when the ignorant, superstitious aboriginal natives of this planet saw or heard about this wonderful scientific technocracy, they could not understand it, and it became a great mystery to them. The technology incorporated pulsating or oscillating energy thousands or billions of times per second, at speeds too incomprehensible to see or even understand by our present-day mathematics.

In the early part of the 20th century, Tesla developed his famous Tesla coil. From the top of this coil, a round spherical ball, great lightning-like streamers of energy many feet long extended to nearby objects. Was Tesla, through a psychic memory, attempting to reproduce the great technical wonder that he saw in the great Atlantean temple?

Perhaps the science brought to Lemuria and Atlantis by the Lemurians will, in the near future, be duplicated on this earth. Different countries throughout the world are building great power plants, deriving great power from the atom. Yet, this is very crude when compared to the science of the Atlantean pyramid that converted from the electromagnetic fields of the solar system and the interdimensional cosmos, a vast source of power, which could be projected by ray beams and reflected from tower to tower like our present-day microwave system; providing tremendous energy that powered and lighted cities all over the world.

The future holds the promise that all of this and much more will return to the earth. The people of tomorrow will have undreamed of luxuries and conveniences, a way of life that will exceed even the most fantastic science fiction stories!

*The above information was abstracted from Amid the Pyramids by Ernest L. Norman, originally published in Tempus Interludium vol I